The only store dedicated to Japanese trad wear in Grand Front Osaka is “DANAD Hishiya Calen Blosso.” The store- which offers popular rubber sole zori sandals, garnering high credit within the kimono industry- however, is not your ordinary kimono shop. Incorporating the company’s men’s brand “DANAD” with Calen Blosso, the store is a new attempt for the company who seeks to combine multiple businesses. Lineups include the signature rubber sole zori for women as well for men, women’s bags, and denim kimono for men.

The denim kimono was developed with jeans casual brand “Fullcount” two years ago. It is owner-friendly as it can be washed in a washing machine like ordinary pair of jeans (whereas traditional kimono require much care). The denim kimono is sold in dark navy, allowing the owner to enjoy the gradual fading of the hues through wear and wash.

The president of Hishiya, Yasunobu Hirota explains about the brand's products: “The reason why I developed the rubber sole zori is because I wanted people to enjoy kimonos more casually. Of course, formal kimonos are special and cannot be replaced. Yet, looking beyond the formal wear, the option of wearing a kimono in a common, ordinary scene was too limited. That's also why I came up with the idea of creating a kimono in denim. I thought kimonos would be enjoyed more if it could be coordinated with Western-style clothing. With that, we asked Fullcount who provides high quality made-in-Japan jeans, to lend us a hand.” The result is a kimono that can be styled with a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of boots or sneakers- just like any other clothes in your closet.

The store at Grand Front Osaka is the 6th directly operated store for Hishiya. The first five carries rubber sole zori and bags only. The new store, offering the innovative denim kimono, has installed fitting rooms (the first for the brand) for customers to try on. The kimono industry is suffering from a severe decline in demand due to its continued focus on high-end products. The attempt to boost the industry by introducing kimonos for daily usage may not see immediate results, but it does look effective in the long term.