Collaborated silver accessories with animation director Kenji Kamiyama and jewelry brand “Dr MONROE” will be marketed to overseas market via Tokyo Otaku Mode, a website that communicates Japanese otaku culture including anime, manga and costume play overseas.

Dr MONROE designed and produced the accessories based on Kamiyama’s illustrations of “fossil of an angel” drawn after the image of “existence beyond great time.” Rings (15,750 yen to 37,800 yen) and bangles (33,600 yen) with Kamiyama’s motto “Winners never quit, quitters never win” inscribed, fossil motif leather choker (13,650 yen) and others totaling to 6 types of silver accessories are lined-up.

The accessories will be available for order on the e-commerce website “Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop” from July 1st for one month. Within Japan, the accessories will be sold on the Dr MONROE website, and directly operated stores of Nagoya and Hankyu Men’s Osaka.

Kamiyama was born in Saitama in 1966. He began his career as a scenery art staff for Studio Fuga and handled the stage direction of “JIN-ROH.” Starting with his first anime “MINIPATO” (Minimum mobile police PATLABOR) released in 2002, he directs anime such as “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” series, “SEIREI NO MORIBITO,” “Eden of The East” and “009 RE:CYBORG.”