sunaokuwahara designed by Sunao Kuwahara held its 2013-14 AW Collection Show for its invited customers and the media in the form of a party.

This type of show was held for the second time following the 2013 SS Collection presented last October. After the presentation of the latest collection in the form of a show, the venue welcomed its guests with a catering service and an opportunity to custom order designs. 100 customers ranging from people in their 20s to fans that have supported the brand since its launch attended the show and party, all wearing the brand’s designs.

“We started to take on this form for our presentations to deepen communication with our customers. The one night only event is special in that each guest can order a custom made item if they wish,” comments a press representative.

For a custom-made cardigan and dress, one can select materials for the hem and inside cloth. “Many of the customers chose floral patterns and other designs symbolic to the brand.” The brand increases opportunities to come into direct contact with customers through the acceptance of orders at its stores.

The theme of the latest collection is “collar.” Regarding the collar as the face of clothes, the design of the collar adds expression and mood to a simple look. Also, striped fabrics in trad style and shirts in mannish style were fused with feminine elements such as lace and embroidery.