“EVA T PARTY,” which finished as a great success at Kyoto Loft, arrives in Tokyo next month as series no. 2. The event will be held at “EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01,” the official store located in Harajuku, Tokyo.

“EVA T PARTY” began as a promotional event for the release of the Blue ray and DVD for the movie “EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO” on Apr. 24th. The event is hosted by the official T-shirts store “EVA T STORE,” which lines up around 700 types of EVA T-shirts.

At the Harajuku store, 33 brands and 3 new styles will be lined up. Aside from apparel companies, GAINAX and Khara Digital-bu, teams which handle the making of anime will also participate. The new styles feature 3 types: original T-shirt for the event with the visuals of key characters Kaworu, Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Mari, store-limited T-shirt in collaboration with EVACUSTOM and original T-shirt from EVASTORE “AAA Wunder.” The items can be enjoyed as fashion and art as well as a part of the world of Evangelion.

g the “T” in T-shirt to tea, will be sold. Series no. 3 of the event will be held at Okinawa Animate from July 1st to 31st and series no. 4 at EVANGELIONWORLD within Fujikyu Highland in August. The “Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Reproduced Works Exhibit” is to be held in July in commemoration of the conclusion of the manga “Neon Genesis EVANGELION.”