Artist Kenji Yanobe is seeking couples to wed at the Aichi Triennale 2013 (August 10th – October 27th, 2013) for his new project, “Wedding of the Sun” which will be held at Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art on the 10th floor of the Aichi Arts Center.

Yanobe’s project will exhibit his recent works ,“Ultra Sun Child”, a six-meter monument made as a tribute to the 2011 East Japan Earthquake with the theme “Hope, Revival and Resurrection”, as well as the turtle shaped dazzling chandelier installation, “Phantasmagoria” and sculpture “Queen Mamma,” which was made in collaboration with fashion designer, Issey Miyake. Also, setting up a church within the museum, weddings will actually be held. Stained glass created based on a sketch by Beat Takeshi Kitano will adorn the façade of the church.

With theme, “understanding love”, the project will be grandiose, equally as such to the lavish Nagoya style weddings, and only possibly so due to being held at the Triennale. Yanobe commented, “To hold a wedding at Aichi Triennale 2013 is to trace back to the origin of beauty, since marriages began in churches as a communication tool of god and religion, which eventually descended and split into art forms and art museums”.

Wedding application period is May 13th through October 13th and any couples, who are planning for a wedding and can agree to the terms of the contract issued by Brides Village Co. ltd., are welcomed to apply.

There is no age limit and no prior registration for family registry is necessary. Wedding day and time can be selected by the couple as long as it takes place during the art festival. The duration of the ceremony will be one hour for each wedding.

Animal shaped seats will be available for wedding guests within the “cathedral,” where the “Ultra Sun Child” will be watching over the wedding couple as they exchange vows. It will be interesting to see the types of couples getting married at this event. Their wedding will undoubtedly be a one of a kind.

To apply for the wedding, contact: Brides Village Co. ltd. at +81(0)52-209-9055 and mention, “Wedding of the Sun (Taiyo-no-kekkonshiki)”.