As a consulting company with high expertise in branding strategies, product developments and such, Itochu Fashion System launched a think tank named “ifs FUTURE LABORATORY” (Future Lab).

Led by Yoko Kawashima, seven creators of various genres run the Future Lab under the concept, “to think of the future as an extension of our lives”. The Lab provides support with corporation branding consultations and proposes new lifestyles for the near upcoming future.

The members consist of takram design engineering director/ design engineer Kotaro Watanabe, marketing consultant Yasuhiro Karakawa (research staff at the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at the Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University), product designer Toshihiko Sakai (Sakai Design Associate Ltd representative director), Tsuyoshi Tane (DORELL.GHTMEH.TANE/ARCHITECTS), journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi, fashion designer Tamae Hirokawa (SOMA DESIGN), and visual creator Takeshi Fukui (SOMA DESIGN).

At the press conference was an announcement of two pilot projects already underway. The first collaboration, dubbed “The Confection of the Future Project”, is between wagashi confectionary brand Toraya Confectionery Co., Ltd. and Watanabe. Expressing “a day’s fleeting light”, from dawn to the moonlit night, with the shapes and colors of five confectionaries, “Hitohi (one day)” offers five beautiful wagashi’s, each having a certain time of the day specified to be enjoyed. The package is designed by Keiryu Hatoba who is a kamon (family emblem) designer.

The second pilot project, “The Bath Additives of the Future” is collaborated between POLA ORBIS Holdings and Sakai. “Bath Oil and Bubbles” is bubble bath powder and bath oil packaged into one. Details on merchandising the project items have not been announced.