A collaborated crystal vase (231,000 yen) by lucien pellat-finet and interior designer Yasumichi Morita will be in stores from July 24th.

The round form of the vase was created by hand by craftsmen in Ukraine. The vase is decorated with motifs of skulls and leaves characteristic to lucien pellat-finet using Japanese abrasive techniques.

Morita is a fan of lucien pellat-finet’s cashmere knit and when the two creators met, they decided upon a collaboration. Morita comments, “The vase can also be perceived as an objet and even its shadow is beautiful. This item will beautifully decorate interiors and will become even more charming as time passes.” Pellat-Finet comments, “The vase which fuses eastern and western technology can be enjoyed for daily use to create a happy atmosphere.”

Currently, a visual detailing the sale of the collaboration vase is set up within an art frame on the 3rd floor of Isetan Shinjuku.

lucien pellat-finet is a French brand founded in 1994. The brand is known as the “king of cashmere” and introduces luxury wear with a focus on high quality cashmere knits. It opened its first store in Omotesando, Tokyo in Japan in 2002 and currently has 8 stores in Japan including one in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Born in 1967 in Osaka, Morita established his name as a designer for interior, graphics and products in both Japan and overseas. He is the President and Representative Director of design office GLAMOROUS co., ltd., handled the renovation of Isetan Shinjuku, which re-opened this March, and also the design of the Hotel “W” in Hong Kong.

An interview of Noritaka Tange and Yasumichi Morita, who both handled the renovation of Isetan Shinjuku store.