Continued from vol.1

-- Your initial line up of brands including 3.1 Phillip Lim, HEAD PORTER, MACKINTOSH and TSUTAYA BOOKS Daikanyama were impressive.

I have many friends working in fashion, music and art and my instincts told me that origami should line up top brands. Users want to purchase from high quality brands, without this, people would not use our services. If we did not ask the brands in the initial line up to be the opening act, we knew that it would be very difficult to work with them at a later time.

We also line up new designer brands from Tokyo such as “GARTER TOKYO” and “D.TT.K”. It is important for us to support young designers and it makes things more interesting for the users. In the past, it was costly to set up your own e-commerce website. On the other hand, commerce websites that allow store openings free of charge are usually unable to bring in the desired customer traffic. With origami, it is possible to expand business through viral marketing techniques such as “likes”, shares and editorial frames (recommended categories).

--What are editorial frames?

We feature brands that we recommend or ask media to create editorial pages for us. Currently we have a page by Condé Nast and Hiroshi Fujiwara, and we intend on increasing the number of pages by collaborating with various media. In the long term, we will display information catered towards each user. For those who like street styles, we will share information from “smart”, for those who like luxury, we will share “Vogue” and for those who like art, we will feature art. The frames are like showcases for app. We will continue collaborating with the media to ensure their quality.

We also have a function that displays maps of stores in close proximity. Stores that meet the user’s preferences will be displayed with priority and then other contents, such as recommended stores by the user’s friends, will be shown.

--What are the future prospects for origami?

We will release an app for android soon and also launch our service in New York. We are in the midst of communicating with luxury brands as Kate Spade. Our team is Japanese so we began our business in Japan, but our next target is the market of New York. It is the suitable location to compete for young, technology-oriented companies such as our's.

I am from England, but I have a Japanese heart. I want to support the development of Japan as a country. I believe that companies will make Japan a better place. It is the new companies that will create the future of Japan. So with origami, I hope to contribute.