Pop-up event “YUKATA STYLIST MADE” featuring men’s Yukata designed by 10 well-known stylists will be held on the 1st floor, The Stage of Isetan Shinjuku from June 19th to 25th.

The participating stylists will be Atsushi Okubo, Fumihiko Okabe, Takashi Kumagai, Tomoki Sukezane, Tetsuro Nagase, Tsuyoshi Nimura, Akio Hasegawa, Keisuke Baba, Koichiro Yamamoto and Yasuhiro Watanabe. Each stylist handles designing to styling, suggesting new Yukata summer fashion for men.

Having applied the Japanese representative methods of “dyeing” and “weaving,” the stylists pursued authentic looks. Aside from traditional techniques such as “CHUSEN,” a classic method using a wide variety of colors at one time, “Hand Printing” of patterns printed by glue mixed with dyes and “Katagai Momen,” plain-weaving with 3 kinds of yarn in different yarn sizes, cutting-edge polyester material “CEO alpha” with absorbent and quick drying function developed by TORAY were adopted.

The ready-made Yukatas are retailed between 39,900 yen and 81,900 yen. Also, obi and setta (sandals) selected by each stylist will be in store.

Isetan Shinjuku opened a pop-up shop focusing on men’s Yukata for the first time last year, this being the second. The project planner and buyer Kenichiro Asako of the Kimono Department of Isetan Mitsukoshi comments as follows, “The first project of styling men’s Yukata last year was a huge hit and I keenly realized the importance of styling. This time, I asked the stylists to handle designing to suggest trendy Yukata. By introducing Yukata as a part of fashion, I would like people who usually don’t wear kimono to become interested.”