The 14th Japan Expo will be held in Paris, France from July 4th to 7th and one of the highlights of the event is the “EVANGELION ANIME WORKS in Paris.” The charms of anime and process of production will be communicated to fans of Japanese culture living in Europe.

The Evangelion exhibit will focus on reproduced drawings from “Rebuild of Evangelion” and the comic series by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and related documents. A human scale figure 2m and 9cm tall “Shogoki” will also be on display. A screening of Rebuild of Evangelion, T-shirts collection and selected goods will also be available.

A stamp rally will be held at the venue to connect the four booths relating to Evangelion. Participation is free of charge and a total of 5 stamps will be available at the booths EVANGELION ANIME WORKS in Paris, CULTURE JAPAN, GLENAT MANGA and DYBEX. GLENAT MANGA is the publisher of the French version of Evangelion and DYBEX handles the distribution of the anime in France.

Japan Expo is a widely known large scale festival, which introduces Japanese culture and is held annually in Paris. Last year, the festival was held for 4 days and attracted roughly 210,000 people, mainly from Europe. People gather at the festival to discover the latest information about Japanese culture. Naoki Urasawa, FLOW, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Kohei Tanaka, Keiji Inafune, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Momoiro Clover Z and others attended last year’s festival as guests. This year, Tetsuo Hara,, angela and others will attend. The estimated number of visitors for the event this year is 230,000.