As part of Roppongi Hills’s 10-year anniversary event, Lover’s Sanctuary, a campaign to promote couples, is currently being held at Mori Tower Tokyo City View and will remain open until July 7th.

A “Lover’s Sanctuary Discount Coupon” is available on the event website which gives a 1,000 yen discount for admission to the event (normally 3,000 yen).

Roppongi Hills works in collaboration with Odaiba Palette Town for this event, and each site is handing out “lover’s stickers”, shaped like half of a heart. When both stickers are combined and forms a heart, the ticket allows 200 yen discount (normally 900 yen/ person) to the “Daikanransha” (ferris wheel) ride and 500 yen admission discount (normally 1,500 yen) to Tokyo City View.

During the event period, Sky Deck of Tokyo City View is extending its operation hours from 8pm to 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights, and the nights prior to national holidays. On July 7th, “Tanabata – special star gazing event” will be held where a guest astronomer will explain how to locate Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair). Since July 7th falls under a government organized campaign day, “Reduce CO2/ Light Down 2013”, city lights including the Tokyo Tower will be turned off, enabling the star gazing to be more enjoyable.

As a component of the promotion, panels of writers (7 writers including Fumi Saimon, Shion Miura and Maha Harada) of “Love Sanctuary”, an anthology of love stories published by Shinchosha on May 24th, are currently being displayed at the hallway of the observation deck.

The purpose of this campaign is to promote marriage among the Japanese as a way to tackle the nation’s declining birthrate as well as to revitalize communities and to strengthen the links between them.

Lover’s Sanctuary locations have been selected by NPO Area Activation Supporting Center as sites deemed as most romantic for making marriage proposals since April 2006. As of January of this year, there are 116 Lover’s Sanctuary sites within Japan, three in overseas locations and 28 satellite sites that the campaign collaborates with. Tokyo City View was designated to hold the event in June of 2007.