Bag manufacturer, Fukue Co., Ltd. and denim maker KUROKI Co., Ltd. have collaborated on producing four types of original brand bags. The bags were introduced at an exhibition called “Gold Rush” in Fukuoka last week.

The bag material consists of Kuroki’s 28-ounce of heavy denim and specifically produced leather from a tannery in Himeji, Hyogo prefecture. The weight of the material is twice the size of an average 13 to 14 ounce denim. The thickness of the leather used in bags is normally 4mm, however, to match the weight of the denim, a 7mm leather has been used. The bag comes in two colors, indigo blue and black.

Four types of bags will be available at specialty boutiques, department stores, select shops and the manufacturers’ online stores. These are, small and large tote bags priced at 23,100 and 26,250 yen, messenger bags at 21,000 yen and one shoulder bags at 18,900 yen. The products were displayed at the denim exhibition, “Denim by Premiere Vision,” which was held in Paris on May 22-23rd.

The collaboration of the two brands was made possible by their encounter at the “Textile Marche”, a locally produced merchandise sales event held in Kyoto last August where both companies were exhibiting their products.