The photo exhibit “100K,” where photographer Keiichi Nitta poses as a model in portrait photos, is held from June 12th to 25th at the gallery on the 2nd floor Global Closet of Isetan Shinjuku.

“100K” was initiated by Nitta 6 years ago, as a project to disguise himself as 100 famous faces from around the world. Up until now, Nitta has dressed up as Michael Jackson, Prince, Marilyn Monroe and others totaling to approx. 30 people. This time, he dresses up as Justin Bieber, President Obama, Beyonce, James Brown, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Madonna, Che Guevara and Grace Jones. Noboru Tomizawa handled hair and makeup, with Masahiro Ogura and Takuto Satoyama serving as stylists.

On the 22nd, Keiichi Nitta and on the 23rd, photographer Chikashi Kasai will visit the venue to take photos of those who purchase items at the sales area.

Nitta was born in 1975 and after graduating from Bunka Fashion College, moved to the US. Worked under the photographer Terry Richardson for 6 years and then returned to Japan. “100K” was inspired when Nitta dressed up as Michael Jackson when working for Richardson.