clearstone, a costume manufacturer launched a brand fusing fashion and cosplay “LUNATIC LEMONY LOLLIPOP” with model AMO serving as producer.

The brand was named by AMO imaged after a tea party in wonderland held under lemon yellow moonlight. Items series no.1 are head accessories such as rabbit and the Devil as motifs (24 types, 1,490 yen each), bulky skirts (6 types, 3,990 yen each) and wigs in pastel colors (8 types, 5,490 yen or 5,990 yen each) for daily use coordinated with other items or for parties. An in-store event will be held at a vintage select shop “G2?” located in Jingumae, Shibuya on June 15th. At the sundry goods expo held in the same month, a booth featuring the world view of AMO will be set up and will also introduce series no.2.

Born in 1991, AMO appears in fashion magazines including KERA and Zipper as a popular amateur model. Participated in Tokyo Girls’ Collection, Harajuku Style Collection, Nihon Kawaii Haku and others. In Feb. 2013, released a stylebook “AMOSCREAM” (publisher: WANI BOOKS). Formed a group AMOYAMO with model AYAMO and works at music scenes, with Tomoko Kawase as producer.