A preview of the latest landmark “ABENO HARUKAS Kintetsu Main Store,” located at the core of ABENO HARUKAS tower building in Tennoji, Osaka was held prior to its actual opening on the 13th.

Abeno Harukas tower building is a 300m skyscraper complex building. Kintetsu Main Store occupies the 2 basement floors and 14 floors above ground and from the 15th floor onwards to the 60th floor, a museum, office tenants, Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel and observatory will open. The floors above the main store will open next spring. The wing building will link to the tower building this fall and open new specialty stores. The total operating space of the two buildings combined is 100,000 square meters and the facilities expect 145 billion yen of sales for the initial year (total sales of the department store and those of specialty stores).

“We created a town-like place for things, matters and people to get together,” Yoshihiko Mamiya, who handled the architecture and interior design comments, “We tried finding a way to take in enjoyment and diversities that a town possesses and create pleasure by its transformation.” On the tower building, four spaces were set up to provide places for relaxation for visitors as well as to accentuate the design.

Managing Executive Officer / Store Manager Motoyuki Nakata says, “We regard an area within 30-minute walking distance from a railroad as a business region and would like to attract 2.6 million households or 6.3 million people in that area. Not like Umeda and Nanba, where many people commute from other places, the Tennoji district is a residential area. We hope to develop community-based business there.”

The highlights for ABENO HARUKAS are men’s floor “Measure Made” on the 7th and children’s floor “Wonder Apartment” on the 8th. “Measure Made,” a semi-order-made space, has 3D Virtual Order System installed by ONWARD KASHIYAMA for the first time in Japan. Images of suits using 3D graphics being projected onto a tablet device, the pattern and color of suits can be changed and seen from any angle by rotating the images.

“Wonder Apartment,” which introduces 4 unique children’s brands nino, TAPPET, maarook and Petitsucre, is its second store after Nishinomiya Hankyu. At ABENO HARUKAS Dining on the 12th to 14th, 44 restaurants with 2,800 seats will open. At the interior floor on the 10th, ACTUS and unico, which open their stores at a department store for the first time, will be housed.