Hi, this is S from the editorial department of Fashion Headline.

This piece is about the SOFA DISCO × FASHION HEADLINE collaboration event, which took place on June 7th.

The event was hosted by DJ duo “OFF THE ROCKER,” Shinichi Osawa (musician), who sometimes contributes his thoughts to Small Talk, and Masatoshi Uemura (buyer of bonjour records). It is the first-ever party marrying SOFA DISCO with FASHION HEADLINE.

“Sofa Disco” is a new initiative under the concept, “enjoy dance music while relaxing on a sofa.” A chance to have a great time with new style of music, unrelated to lounge or café music.

You can refer to Small Talk →"post#3 SOFA DISCO" for more info.

The one night only party was held at the Music Bar of YOYOGI VILLAGE. Guests lined up, up to the point where some people could not enter due to capacity. The crowd fevered over the stylish air and cool dance music. At this new type of party, people were seen relaxing on sofas and enjoying the music, while others chatted at the bar counter. Some were seen moving to the music, with a drink in their hand.

The gorgeous line-up of DJs included, OFF THE ROCKER duo Shinichi Osawa and Masatoshi Uemura, YATT, Shuichiro Horiuchi and FUYURI. At the venue, Hajime Tachibana, former member of Plastics, Tomoyuki Tanaka of FPM, Ken Watabe of Unjash and other celebrities, whose names I cannot reveal here, were seen.

The audience and performers came together to create an unforgettable night, and a new style of partying was born.

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Thanks to those who applied for the gift campaign! We will continue to propose exciting events, so stay tuned!!