On June 24th, the debut live performance by “Z-MACHINES”, whose members are robots, was held. Model duo AMOYAMO representing Harajuku fashion culture, appeared at the venue as guests to perform in collaboration with the robot band. The performance was held at the LIQUIDROOM in Ebisu, Tokyo, as a part of a promotional campaign for the alcoholic beverage ZIMA.

Three robot members form the Z-MACHINES; MACH on guitar, ASHURA on drums and COSMO on keyboard. At the event, AMOYAMO sang their single “MAGIC” accompanied with the band’s live performance. At the talk session, model AMO asked MACH where they live and how they got to the venue. His response was, “We live in a ZIMA warehouse and rode in a 4t truck to get here.” The audience laughed in hearing this rather realistic answer.

AMOYAMO, formed by models AMO and AYAMO are popular icons leading Harajuku fashion scenes. Both appear in magazines KERA and Zipper. From July 2012, the two began working in music under the production of Tomoko Kawase. The following month, they released their pre-debut mini album titled “A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O”, which was sold limitedly at Tower Records. Their official debut was made in October of the same year with the single “Let’s Go Out”. This March, they released “LIVE/MAGIC”.