Ginza Mikimoto Main Store is holding “Hanadama Ranman ‘China・Ku Shulan’s Paper-Cutting Universe’” from August 1st at Mikimoto Hall. It is the first time the jianzhi traditional Chinese paper-cutting artist Ku Shulan is featured in Japan.

The exhibit will showcase close to 30 works of Ku from the collection of Taiwanese art director Huang Yongsong. Ku’s colorful paper patchworks depict the ideal rural life reflecting the rich four seasons, children and animals, along with more spiritual motifs as goddess and tree of life.

From 3:00 pm on August 13th, a 2.5 hour talk session titled “Ku Shulan’s Paper-Cutting Universe” will be held at Mikimoto Atrium in Mikimoto Ginza 2 (2-4-12 Ginza). The event will open with the keynote address of collection owner Huang Yongsong. Then, Kohei Sugiura, graphic designer and researcher on Asian iconography, will join in to share their perspectives on Ku’s art forms. To sit in, send postcard or email via Mikimoto homepage by July 19th. Applicants will be selected by lot.

Ku Shulan was born in 1920 to a poor peasant family in a small Chinese village called Wang, in Xunyi County, Shanxi province. At the age of 9, her feet were bound by her mother. At the age of 15, she stopped going to school and began to learn embroidery and jianzhi paper-cutting as part of her training for marriage. In 1980, Ku’s mastery in jianzhi was discovered by Shanxi Province Cultural Center, after which she was invited to teach and direct paper-cutting in her province. Soon after, her reputation rose immensely, and Ku was bestowed many domestic awards. In 1996, Ku was designated “Master of China Folk Art and Crafts” by UNESCO. Even after her death in 2004, her popularity continues to grow. A solo exhibit was held at The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. In 2009, a Chinese version of “JianZhi NiangZi Ku Shulan,” (translation: Paper-Cutting Lady Ku Shulan) which was originally published in Taiwan in 1997, was reprinted in Shanghai.

【Exhibit Info】
Exhibition Hanadama Ranman ‘China・Ku Shulan’s Paper-Cutting Universe’
Venue: Mikimoto Main Store, 6th floor, Mikimoto Hall
Address: 4-5-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Term: August 1 – September 17
Open hours: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (September 2nd closes at 4:00 pm)
Closed: August 28
Admission: Free