Hi, Everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I have been travelling quite a lot, so I have got lots to show and tell you!

One place that I went to that was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful was this spa in a hotel in Ibiza. I have been going to Ibiza every year for quite a few years now and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I have yet to discover many parts of the island itself, but this place was definitely the highlight of this trip.

It's called the "Cascadas suspendidas" which means hanging waterfalls in Spanish and it is part of the Spa of the Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena.

It's basically a few pools and a Jacuzzi which make up a water circuit for you to relax. And while relaxing you get to enjoy this amazing view from on top of a cliff on the north side of the island.

They serve you a refreshing juice and a snack after you've done the circuit so you get to spend some time in their just as stunning terrace/lounge.
Definitely recommend this one!