Collaborated beer garden, standing bar and café with contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama will open in turn at Roppongi Hills from July 19th.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Roppongi Hills, a beer garden “Polka Dot Garden,” introducing Kusama’s symbolic polka dots as motif will open until Sept. 1st. A standing bar “Polka Dot Terrace,” will open at the 66 Plaza until Aug. 11th and a café will open from Aug. 6th to 18th. At the café, drinks will be served with tea set “The Me that I Adore” designed by the artist.

The café introduces original menus imaged after Kusama’s artworks and at the gift shop set up as an annex, the latest series of artwork adorned tableware will be on sale. Special events with artists who have ties with Kusama and screening of DVDs are also planned.

At the “All You Need Is LOVE” exhibit being held at Roppongi Hills until Sept. 1st, Kusama exhibits her latest work titled “Love is Calling.” Since the opening of Roppongi Hills, Kusama has participated in numerous events. She held her solo exhibit titled “KUSAMATRIX: Yayoi Kusama Exhibit” in 2004 and displayed one of her works at the Roppongi Art Night held last year.