Textile maker of Japanese clothing “Hinaya Kyoto” publishes a styling book for kimono titled “Oatsurae Zine.”

The book introduces looks centered on designs from ready-to-wear kimono brand “mitasu+”, which presents kimonos made of Japanese textiles from Hinaya Kyoto. Styles are introduced under 12 different themes. Each style is accompanied with text written by stylist Souta Yamaguchi and kimono fitter Eriko Otake.

The art direction is handled by Masaya Muto of NO DESIGN who collaborates with fashion brand ANREALAGE on a regular basis. In the book, Kanoco, Minami Mitsushima, Yuuki Maeda, Ryo Maeda and comedian Naoki Matayoshi of Peace are featured as models.

The book will be sold at Hinaya Kyoto Kiyomizu Gojozaka main store, the kimono area of Isetan Shinjuku (7F), Mikiri Hassin and pyarco. Costs 525 yen.