Kifune (Kurama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto), known as a spiritual place of the Water God, introduces new craft beer “SUIGEN” made with its spiritual water. On sale from the end of June.

Kifune is a popular spiritual place coming under the spotlight in many women’s magazine. The Kifune Shrine was built approx. 1,600 years ago as the head shrine of 500 shrines throughout Japan, and it has long been revered as the source of water for the gods. Kifune has traditionally attracted many visitors in the summer with restaurants opening their seasonal “Kawadoko” terraces sitting over the river. Kifune Shrine’s illuminated bamboo decorations is one of the sights to be seen from July 1st to August 15th.

“SUIGEN” is produced by Kifune’s famous hotel restaurant Ugenta. Taking the Kifune water to Minoo beer brewery, which is one of the world’s leading craft beer breweries, Ugenta makes only one tank of beer per season using non-filtered and non-thermal treatment. It has a Belgian yeast flavor with a hint of Japanese yuzu citrus which perfectly matches with Kifune’s ayu (sweetfish) dishes. Because the water of Kifune is extremely soft/ mild with hardness of 46 and alkaline level of Ph8.1, Suigen is made with alcohol content of 8.0%, which is slightly higher compared to the norm for craft beers. It is hoped to introduce a new style for beer: for a group of women to share a bottle, as with wine, over a good meal, for example.

Limited 3,000 bottles are available at Ugenta Restaurant, Seasonal Restaurant Sagenta, Kifune Club Café, and Kifune Gallery until the end of September, when they close their “Kawadoko.”