Within the international circle of luxury brands, Koyaguchi of Wakayama Prefecture is regarded as the hot manufacturing area of high-quality fake fur, Moquette, and other such pile fabrics that achieve the smooth, distinctive texture of real fur. Especially attracting big business chances with leading overseas fashion designers is OKADA TEXTILE (headquartered in Hashimoto City, Wakayama).The tiny yet internationally recognized faux fur making company announced its latest product for 2013 AW- an animal friendly shawl created upon the request of a kimono wholesale house. The new line of shawls for kimonos is expected to be retailed under 30,000 yen.

The design is fit to work both ways with Japanese traditional wears and western-style dresses. Two types are prepared: one with a ribbon and another with clip-on fasteners in the front. Both types come in four colors: white, black, fawn pattern, and leopard prints.

The kimono wholesaler has already presented the new lineup at a product convention. Seeing favorable number of orders, additional production with increased variation in colors and patterns seems realistic. The orders at the convention were placed to market for January, when girls turning to 20 will be wearing the ceremonial long-sleeved kimonos (furisode) for their Coming-of-Age Ceremony. Recently, adornments that work both ways as Japanese and western styles are gaining popularity.

OKADA TEXTILE is highly regarded for its quality faux fur that impressively resembles real fur and proves durability. The printing of the fur pattern, the glossy yet soft feel achieved by assiduous brushing, the advanced technology-based materials that prevent static electricity while producing heat when in contact with sunlight, and fibers that adhere to the material… all builds up the small company’s soaring reputation. OKADA TEXTILE is also known for its wide range of products that includes artificial colors and patterns that go beyond real animal furs. It has been securing continuous business contracts with many luxury brands.