Line 13 “Objects & publications” from Maison Martin Margiela lines up items inspired from Japanese traditions for its collection titled “Limited edition items for Japan.” Items will be sold limitedly from July 31, at the concept store “L'ESPACE Maison Martin Margiela,” located on the 3rd floor of Isetan Shinjuku.

The special line-up includes: a reprinted version of the Miniature Emmanuelle Chair (10,500 yen), flower vase adorned with rabbit fur (narrow: 42,000 yen, wide: 57,750 yen), handcrafted leather fan as thin as a paper (18,900 yen), lamp made of recycled bottles (78,750 yen), bottle cover made of white Belgian cotton (6,300 yen / 7,350 yen), and potpourri wrapped in a white silk cover knitted by craftsmen in Kyoto (26,250 yen).