Gucci presents a special edition of its popular bamboo bag in collaboration with longstanding silk goods brand “Sendaihira.” Sendaihira operates in Sendai of Miyagi prefecture and it has inherited traditional craftsmanship from the Edo period.

The project was initiated by the city of Sendai and this is part 1 of a series. Sendaihira represents silk fabric produced by a joint-stock company named Sendaihira. The traditional technique is designated as an important intangible cultural property, with the representative Yoshio Koda and his father Eisuke Koda as living national treasures. Textiles of the brand are primarily used for hakama cloth and it is the first time that it is being used for a handbag.

The limited edition bag is made of the textile named “Zuiho,” which is imaged after the city of Sendai. Calf leather, bamboo handles and bamboo tassels accompany the design to create the perfect harmony between the two brands. Available in 3 colors: mandarin, brown and navy. Costs 420,000 yen.

The bags are currently being pre-sold at the Gucci Sendai Fujisaki store and will be available at other Gucci stores from Sept. 1. All proceeds will be donated to Sendai and will be used to support business in areas devastated by the Tohoku Earthquake.

Gucci also presented a Japan limited charity bracelet this month to support the education of middle school students in the Tohoku area.