“Street Fighter Men’s Set”, which includes a cologne and shower gel for men, is recently attracting worldwide attention.

Up until now, the world famous video game has introduced a series of apparel and other products of various kinds. It has even released joint goodies with the top-class cutie celeb, Hello Kitty. The current topic of discussion was disclosed on the website “Siliconera.”

The one photo released of the “Street Fighter Men’s Set” does not unveil much of its mysterious box. We are told what it includes: eau de toilette, shower gel, wallet, playing cards and keychain- leaving us in a deeper daze of its random/ versatile selection. There are gift selection sets of this sort for women, so why not give it a go for men?

The eau de toilette in this gift box can be purchased online on its own. There have been colognes imaged after Sephiroth and other game characters, but it is very rare to come across a parfum line of a fighting game character. The fragrance must be so fresh it can fight off any sweaty smell in a split of a second.