Rock band Sōtaisei Riron releases its latest album titled “TOWN AGE.” In commemoration, the band introduces collaboration items with fashion brand FACETASM.

3 types of collaboration items will be lined-up. At International Gallery BEAMS, a dress in the same style as the costume for Etsuko Yakushimaru, the lead vocal of the band to be worn at Fuji Rock Festival 2013, will go on sale from the beginning of Aug. At BEAMS Records, a T-shirt (4,200 yen) decorated with illustrations by Yakushimaru and a badge (1,890 yen) will go on sale from Aug. 24. The T-shirts and badges can also be purchased as a set along with the new album from the beginning of next month. Costs 5,985 yen and 4,200 yen respectively.

It has been 3 years since the band last released an album.