For the 10th anniversary party of the Vivienne Westwood Aoyama store, dorayaki from longstanding Japanese confectionery store Ishii in Shibamata, Tokyo, were chosen as gifts for guests who attended. The orb mark branded onto each dorayaki perfectly matched the image of the world-renowned English brand.

Ishii (address: 7-6-20 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo), situated on the approach to Taishakuten, in Shibamata, was founded as a kimono store in 1861. The dorayaki was served with tea for the regular customers of the kimono store. The store has specialized in Japanese-style confectionery since WWII and has been loved by local people as well as tourists.

The hand-baked dorayaki is made from a mixture that has a mild scent of eggs. Between the two patties, “an” (red bean paste) boiled for two days, is garnished. All ingredients are produced in Japan and there are no preservatives.

The dorayaki has inherited the longstanding craftsmanship and taste, and are still very popular today, to the point that they sell out as soon as a fresh batch is baked.