On July 27, two vintage select stores, “7×7” and “LAILA TOKIO” opened at the address: 1-5-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

7×7 mainly lines-up vintage clothing and items for men from San Francisco, selected by its director Junya Kawakami. New clothing and re-styled vintage designs are also available. A pair of Dickies jeans appearing as a costume for a Hollywood movie was re-touched by a denim factory in Okayama to create a new silhouette. An English army camouflage jacket is processed to accentuate its vintage feel. All items sold at the store come with the store’s brand tag.

Kawakami comments, “High quality clothing can be distinguished by touching the fabrics. I collect items that go beyond being simply vintage or second-hand. We stitch on the 7×7 brand tags because we re-style each of the items to create new values. I find it boring to limit clothing with seasons and trends.”

LAILA TOKIO is a new store from LAILA VINTAGE (located in Omotesando, Tokyo), which is directed by hashiura. The store interior was designed by Koichiro Kimura and it is playfully decorated with Kimura’s signature pyramid motif. 8,000 pyramids hang from the ceiling and walls, and the floor is lit up. The contrast in taste with the interior of the 7×7 store is evident.

The store lines up dead stock knits from SEDITIONARIES, Helmut Lang items from the 90s, and past issues of Purple magazine (currently split into 2 magazines: Fashion and Journal). Items from the store’s original brands “refabric” and “LAILA TOKIO” are also available.

refabric lines up designs re-structured from vintage materials and pieces. A mink coat customized into a modern style, a hand-embroidered stole made of Saint Laurent textiles, and other original items are in store. LAILA TOKIO lines up basic style shirts. Also, some items are very selective about details-such as using bolting techniques for the sides.

hashiura comments, “I want the store to be perceived as a concept store, rather than vintage. It is possible to introduce vintage items under a new light with renewed themes and views.”

Both stores open from 11:30 am and close at 8 pm. No close of business days.