YANMAR Co., Ltd. celebrated its 100th anniversary last March. On July 25, the company presented details on its “YANMAR Premium Project,” which covers plans for the next century.

YANMAR is a global market leader of diesel engines for marine vessels and farming equipments. The brand image in Japan, however, has not always been so favorable. The new project aims to improve the company’s brand image domestically and seeks to develop into a premium brand.

For the new project, key products, such as tractors and marine boats, has been renewed along with the company logo. The company's standard stocks will be promoted alongside new wear for marine and farming industries. The product design is handled by Ken Okuyama, the company logo is designed by Kashiwa Sato, and apparel is designed by Naoki Takizawa.

Marine wear and farming wear by Naoki Takizawa fuse functionality and fashion. Takizawa explains, “The relationship between marine and fashion has always been close. A cruise line is a must for luxury brands. The newly designed marine wear will hopefully compete against luxury wear by European and US brands.”

6 styles are available in base colors of red and white. Waterproof jackets, down jackets and others are designed using 3D cutting.

“I want to propose trendy farming styles and improve the money-making system for agriculture,” says Mr. Takizawa. Farming wear is based in the color titanium brown, to blend well with the natural landscape. 6 styles are available in stretch nylon fabrics. 3D cutting is used here as well.

The designs are all simple, yet cleverly catered to support those wearing them. Multiple pockets are distributed on the inner side of the clothes.

The company's new logo is named “Flying Y.” Mr. Sato states on its design concept. “The alphabet Y symbolizes the company name and also expresses the Japanese oniyanma dragonflies. The name YANMAR is derived from the oniyanma. Many Japanese companies have this notion that products will sell as long as the quality is good. But actually that is not enough. The product quality has to be good, obviously, but the company has to deliver the concept message to the customers and market the product adequately as well. If you fail to do that, you fail in branding; and appropriate branding is indespensable in the competitive market today. YANMAR's tractors, marine boats, wear and company logo that are based on our renewed concept will communicate the company's new values into the future.”