Ms. Keiko Oshino of Leather atelier “Rim” recommends design candy from Kyoto for gifts. She handcrafts leather accessories and goods without the help of machines and also produces bags twice a year upon reservation. Her bags are so popular that the maximum number of reservations that she can take is always reached within a few days.

“When I first received the candy as a gift from an acquaintance, I thought that they were made overseas,” describes Ms. Oshino.

Crochet, the candy store specializing in Kyoto bonbons, opened on Ayanokoji-dori this February. The store is simply white inside with glass windows all around. The modern architecture stands out in the traditional neighborhood of Kyoto.

The Kyoto candies sold at the store are made by Imanishi Confectionery Kyoto, which was founded 135 years ago. Inspired by Kyoto's sister city Paris, Imanishi Confectionery faithfully retains traditional recipies and simultaneously produces new line-ups of brightly colored candies in various flavors. Whilst fusing Parisian elements, Japanese traditional candy making is maintained.

24 kinds of candies, including seasons' limited flavors, are always in store. Popular items include blue×pink yogurt flavored candy “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg,” green×pink cherry cake flavored candy “Kyozakura,” yellow×white striped lemon flavored “Versailles,” and red×white striped plum flavored “Kotohogi.”

The cute white packages are designed after kimono collars. Stories behind the candies and their names are also enclosed with the selected bonbons.

【Store Information】
Crochet Kyoto
Address: 69 Shioya-cho, Higashi-iru, Tominokoji, Ayanokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Hours: 10:30 am to 7 pm
Closed: Tuesdays