World popular shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana teams up with shoe director Yoichiro Kitadate to launch a new sneakers brand named “The Daughters.”

For its debut, 2 types of sneakers are presented. For men’s, “Actor” (41,790 yen) and for women’s, “Starring” (49,140 yen). The sneakers are made of indigo colored leather, which was dyed using the traditional Japanese “aizome” or, with the same type of leather used for baseballs. The surface of the sneakers is finished off to look like denim.

The sneakers are being sold on the 2nd floor pop-up event of Isetan Shinjuku. From 2pm to 5pm on Aug 3 and 10, Noritaka Tatehana will appear at the event to take orders on the spot.

Yoichiro Kitadate is a shoe director, who was selected for the “50 most influential people in sneaker history.” He has participated in projects for Air Jordan and Pump Fury. Since his college days, he has worked as a writer for fashion and sports- for magazines such as “Number” and “Checkmate.” At one point he lived in Chicago to write up interviews on Michael Jordan. Upon his return to Japan in 1997, he founded “The 6th Man” and began to operate numerous select stores and brands. In 2000, he collaborated with Nike to design the “1 Millennium model.” The following year, he collaborated with Reebok to produce the brand “gruv.” He has also collaborated with New Balance and the manga “Real” written by Takehiko Inoue, who also wrote “Slam Dunk.”