Julien David won the Grand Prix at the ANDAM fashion award last year for his unique collections combining high-end and street fashions. On July 26th he opened his first street-level flagship store in Jingumae of Tokyo (2-7-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).

The store operates on ground level and spans 60 square meters. The brand is based in Tokyo and introduces collections in Paris, the former city being chosen as the location for its flagship store. It is accompanied by an atelier.

The designer lavishes his sensitivity on the store, the exterior simple and reminiscent of a warehouse, the doors decorated with graffiti and the walls paint-dripped. Glass, Japanese wood and concrete materials all contribute to a energetic ambience that echoes the collection’s playful streak. The interior décor will change along with the collection of each season. Men’s and women’s clothing, scarves, shoes and jewelry are available. Limited archive collection scarves and exclusive jewelry can be purchased at the store.

David says, “I wanted to perfect the atmosphere in order for people to experience my collection. I was particular about the entrance and I’m very pleased with the graffiti door. Did you notice that the motif is Presley’s hairdo? The theme for my collection this season is ‘Don’t be cruel’, you know.” He smiles, the collection theme an apparent play on words taken from the title of Elvis Presley’s first self-produced single “Don’t Be Cruel”. As a sidenote, the recording of this song is famous in pop history for having taken a legendary 28 takes in order to produce a casual, offhand touch. Such perfectionism overlaps with the creation of David’s brand.

He continued, “The location is perfect for us- not too far from Omotesando and Harajuku. It’s not as commercially defined as Aoyama yet close enough to Harajuku to feel its power while attracting a more mature customer base. The store name ‘JULIEN DAVID JINGUMAE SHOP’ reflects my belief that every area has its own vibe. If I open more stores elsewhere in the future, I want to set the stage, music and character in a way that will make the store unique. We will have a lot to learn from this first store. I hope to find a partner to open a second store with by the end of next year.”