The “The Me that I Adore” café, imaged after the world of artist Yayoi Kusama, is open at Roppongi Hills until Aug 18. At the same time, the “All You Need Is LOVE ‐ from Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku Exhibit" is being held at the Mori Art Museum.

The interior and menu of the café are imaged after the artworks of Kusama. “The mystic movements of the polka dots that hang from the ceiling and the polka dot patterns that decorate the walls create a truly uplifting atmosphere. I send messages of love and peace through art. Painting is a part of my life, and without it I would die. I sincerely hope that wars, terrorism and poverty come to an end as soon as possible. I wish for people to be able to live their lives in peace,” said Kusama and continued to read her original poems at the café on its opening day.

The café menu based on her symbolic artworks include- “Polka Dot Gateau au Chocolat” (1,200 yen, 2 colors, 30 each/day), “Pumpkin Mousse and Caramel Dot Roll Cake” (700 yen), and “Cream Cheese Short Pasta in 3 Colors” (1,200 yen). For drinks, 3 types of original squash are served in polka dot glasses (700 yen each).

At the annexed gift shop, limited edition tableware with motifs of Kusama’s paintings is on sale. Large size plate (33,600 yen) and medium size plate (26,250 yen) are available in limited numbers of 500 each and comes with a serial number.

The A/D Gallery (free admission) will display until Aug 20, a Roppongi Hills 10 year anniversary tea ware set dubbed “The Me that I Adore” -consisting of cups and saucers, pots, and cake plates- and original drawings of the latest tableware that will be released this summer. During the event period, DVD screenings and talk events by artists who have ties with Kusama are also planned.

At Roppongi Hills, a beer garden dubbed “Polka Dot Garden” at the Oyane Plaza and a standing bar “Polka Dot Terrace” at the 66 Plaza are also currently open.