At Musee Guimet in Paris, the exhibit of Rosanjin Kitaoji, who is the model of the manga character Yuzan Kaibara of “Oishinbo,” is being held until Sept 9. The title of the exhibit is “L’art de Rosanjin, Genie de la cuisine japonaise.”

The pottery, lacquer ware and folding screens gathered from all over Japan such as from the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and Kyoto, and the Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo are on display. The 91 artworks are arrayed in a row to express “Ma (intervals among objects).” Adopting diagonal leading lines, the exhibit area, which was handled by Ryusuke Nanki, creates a unique space with Japanese pillars and beams.

Along with Rosanjin’s representative work “Jitsugetsu wan (lacquer ware),” M-sea, which is a series of photos of Tojinbo, Fukui prefecture taken by Yoshihiko Ueda, decorates the 25-meter curved wall. The decoration aims to convey the lapse of time to the audience circulating the venue. Also, to introduce Rosanjin as a gourmet and cook, renowned Japanese restaurants such as Kyoto Kikunoi and Ginza Kyubei created a film. Tables and a counter are installed in “the House of Light” made with organdy to reproduce Rosanjin’s restaurant.

From 6:30 pm on the final day, a talk event “the beauty and inspiration in cooking” featuring Yoshihiro Murata, the manager of Kikunoi, and Pierre Gagnaire is planned. The catalogue (in French) by Nikkei National Geographic is available at the book stores of Musee Guimet and Agence des Musees Franҫais.

【Exhibit Information】
L’art de Rosanjin Genie de la cuisine japonaise 1883-1959
Venue: Musee Guimet special exhibit room
Address: 6, place d'Iéna- 75116 Paris
Dates: until Sept 9
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Closed: Tuesdays
Admission: 8 euros