My daughter Sara Mary has worked her ass off since she was 14 years old.. hungry for fun, success and recognition.. I guess we are similar in that respect.

But sometimes this can bring lonlieness. A very good friend of Sara's who is also a model pointed this out to me just last weekend at an event in Hayama.

When Sara introduced Kaito to me.. (first boyfriend to be introduced) I knew he had won her heart. And when they told me they wanted to get married.. my first reaction was "What's the hurry.. why do you need a piece of paper!" But then the more I thought about it.. I realized that I was thinking too much and love.. true deep love and commitment is a feeling.. to be cherished and acted upon.

Yesterday, when I saw them together at dinner, I knew that they are a couple and cherish all of their time together and that is all important. Soon they will be MAN and WIFE or WIFE and MAN, actually both.

When Sara was just a little girl, I used to take her to play in the river at Asuke. She loved to splash around, throw stones and chase the fish clouds reflecting on the water. Sara loved the music I played and danced like a little maniac.. so much fun. And now.. nothing much has changed.

So am wishing them long love and lots of fun and success together in the future which is their life together. One life truly committed to making each other whole.

To Sara and Kaito: One Love.