An installation by foxy illustrations is on exhibit until Sept 10 at Isetan Girl Gallery on the 2nd floor of Isetan Shinjuku. foxy illustrations is known for his girly and slightly erotic drawings.

The title of the exhibit is “foxy in Woods and the City.” The space expresses an ambivalent world of the woods and city with a girl as main character. Inside the woods filled with overgrown trees and ivies, a stuffed bear, foxy’s popular character, is sitting in a bush. In the city, pin-heeled red shoes sitting on a fur mat, and squiggles with a Chanel lipstick on a heart-shaped cushion and mirror portray a girl’s room. Also, iced cookies created by artist cookieboy are dangling from the illustrated ceiling.

Latest drawings and photos created for the event, along with wear and sundries are lined-up. 11 new types of the popular badge series (1,260 yen each), collaboration wear with “lilLilly,” and mugs (2,625 yen, limited number of 50) are on sale.

“Foxy is a derivative of fox, meaning willowy and erotic as a fox. The word has connotations which are a little different from sexy, implying cute with a suggestive feel. I use the word “foxy” for the girls I draw as well as use it as the name that I call myself as an illustrator. A foxy girl is one who enjoys fashion, and who is free and bold,” says foxy illustrations.

“I’ve loved drawing since I was little and have been drawing in realistic style. In my teens, I was crazy about shows and girls singing and dancing like those in the musical film ‘Cabaret’ directed by Bob Fosse and I learned the way I draw now from that film.”

foxy illustrations was born in Kyoto in 1983. He was raised in Fukuoka. From the age of 18 onwards, he lived in Denmark, Canada, Shanghai and London. He returned to Japan two years ago and began work as an illustrator in Tokyo. His works have been published in magazines ViVi from Japan and VICE Magazine from the UK.