In line with the release of her second solo single “Birthday wedding,” AKB48 member Yuki Kashiwagi collaborates with bridal magazine “Zexy.” Kashiwagi will pose for the cover of the magazine in a wedding dress and also serve as the first special editor in chief.

Kashiwagi’s latest single will be used as the song for Zexy’s latest TV ad. The new song includes happy lyrics such as “let’s get married on your birthday” and “your smile and presence means everything, you comfort me.”

22-year old Kashiwagi is a member of AKB48, which forbids its members from dating. Even so, she is just like any other girl and dreams of getting married one day. “This is the first time for me to work on a project related to marriage. As a girl, the concept of marriage is very special. As editor in chief, I thought about marriage proposals and I realized that if the person I love were proposing to me, I would be happy with just about anything.”

Posing as the editor in chief, Kashiwagi dressed up in a suit and wore glasses. Based on a questionnaire answered by 200 men, Kashiwagi selected 10 best marriage proposals. In the interview for the magazine, she talked about her values regarding marriage and the ideal proposal.

“Birthday wedding” will be in stores from Oct 16, and Zexy’s latest TV ad airs from Sept 22. The November issue of Zexy will be in stores from Sept 23.