The joint exhibit “MaG.” of fashion, interior and sundry goods was held this month in Tokyo and Osaka. The exhibit was also held in March and this was the second time for the event to be held. The Tokyo exhibit was held from Sept 11 to 13 and the Osaka exhibit from Sept 18 to 20. In Tokyo, 30 companies and 50 brands such as BAISTONE, Tabisugata nananinsha Ltd. and Woody Palace participated. In Osaka, 17 companies and 40 brands participated. The number of participants made apparent the high demand for such events.

Kazunari Ishizu, who helps to organize the events as host, used to work as a merchandiser at a well-known children’s apparel company. He now runs his own firm, which creates websites and handles sales promotion. His business is based in the Kansai area.

Various items are lined-up at the events, but all items are unified in natural and casual tastes. “Other large scale exhibits exist but it is difficult to obtain business, even if one hands out his/her business cards to over 1,000 people. I wanted to create events which allow business people to take time and discuss matters in depth. I don’t intend on over expanding. I want to maintain the limit to around 50 companies,” says Mr. Ishizu.

“Osaka used to be a place where many textile makers would gather. Now, many of the exhibits are centered in Tokyo. As a person who has worked in the Kansai area for a long time, I want to liven up the area by hosting interesting exhibits. It is difficult to do this all on our own, so we hold joint exhibits and team up with brands. We will continue to do so.”