Jibasan ele, which opened its first store at Sakae-machi, Kobe last year, opened its second store at Kobe International House SOL (address: 8-1-6 Goko-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe).

Takuji Maekawa, the owner, has selected menswear and fashion accessories from around the world as buyer. Now, he selects items produced in Hyogo, where he grew up. Through items sold at the store, Maekawa aims to communicate the charms of the traditional craftsmanship and local industries of Hyogo.

Kobe, the seat of the Hyogo prefectural government, is known for its international atmosphere and trendy fashion. However, few people are familiar with Hyogo’s famous traditional local industries such as pottery, Japanese paper, textile and leather items. For example, Miki city, Hyogo boasts gardening tools and has received high acclaim from Europe and America.

Bags using the leather of Tatsuno city, wear using Banshu-ori (textile), and tiles using the manufacturing method of Awaji Island roof tiles, are sold at the SOL store. Tanba-yaki (pottery) from 8 local potteries is also available. With the harmony of the traditional technique and modern design, Tanba-yaki has irresistible charm.

Michiyo Otsuka, the designer of niki*, which produces apparel using Banshu Jacquard Karami-ori, says, “The best part to work with local industries is to create designs together with craftsmen.”

At the newly built workshop space “SOL 365 Workshop,” seminars titled “make a tote bag with Tatsuno leather,” “make Tanba-yaki pottery as you like” and others featuring craftsmen and creators are planned.