From Sept. 11 to Nov. 5, music radio station InterFM supervises in-house music for Isetan Men’s Building. Peter Barakan, DJ and the operating officer of InterFM, selects the music until Oct.22. For the final week which starts on Oct. 23, Yukihiro Takahashi will be in charge of the selection.

This project was launched in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Isetan Men’s building. Under the concept, “Revolutionary tradition,” Barakan selects 3 types of music. For the B1F, 1F, 4F, 5F, 7F and 8F, he selects Jazzy sounds including the Blue Note Compilation for the adult generation. From Sept. 25 to Oct. 8. From Oct. 9 to 22, music featuring live albums will be played. For the younger generation on 2F, 3F and 6F, the music selection team from InterFM will select the music. Also, during the project period, jingle of narration directed by Barakan will entertain the customers.

“My stance on music is similar to what concept means to Isetan. Music which touches one’s heart is deep-rooted in ‘tradition,’ yet it is ‘innovative.’ The listeners may think that the music reminds them of the good old days, or that they want to listen to it again since they’ve never heard such music before. I hope the customers will enjoy my favorite music,” says Barakan.