UNDERCOVER (designer Jun Takahashi) presented its 2014 SS Collection at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Last season, the brand presented off-schedule, but this season it makes a comeback to the official runway.

A provocative monologue started off the show to introduce designs in a color palette of white, black and red. LED plates with words such as Godic, snug, insult and sunlit shone on clutch bags and large silhouetted tops. “I expressed my thoughts onto the designs. I feel that there is too much information out there and our lives are being controlled by it,” explains Takahashi.

Biker jackets, tailored suits, marine stripe items with gold chain motif, jackets styled with thick leather belt and others combining street, tailoring and rock tastes appeared in the show.

For the finale, models wearing T-shirts lit up with messages written in LED walked the dark runway with Chopin Etude “Tristesse” as BGM.

“Presenting here is a part of my life work. I’ve done so for ten years and I want to continue to present in the city of fashion, where many people around the world can discover my designs,” says Takahashi.