On Sept 25, Uniqlo held a press conference for the upgraded Ultra-Light Down and Heattech for the 2013 fall/winter season.

Design director Naoki Takizawa provided a presentation on designing, and an executive of the company talked about the details of each product.

The new ultra-light down jacket has been upgraded under the concept “mobile wear.” Priced between 3,990 to 7,990 yen. Each jacket comes with a compact bag for storage, which allows for easy carry. In addition to the standard zip-up type, new button type jackets with no collar, similar to the style of a cardigan is newly lined-up. The weight of the jackets are only 79 g, the lightest to date, and the variety of colors and patterns have gone up with the upgraded technology of Toray. The patterns are now printed with Toray’s transfer printing. A total of 12 styles including men’s and women’s with a color variation of around 160 are available.

The new concept for Heattech (costs between 990 to 1,500 yen) is “another layer of skin.” The news series is dubbed “Heattech Extra Warm” and has the ability to maintain heat up to 1.5 times more than before. Items from this series will go on sale from November. For women’s, the new products introduce camellia oil to the textile (developed by Toray). The oil is processed into the textile itself so it does not get washed away when cleaned. The texture is “as smooth to the skin as body cream.” Approx. 250 items will be sold under the Heattech “Family” series to introduce sweaters, fleece items, dresses, leggings, corduroy pants and others made of the Heattech fabric.

From this season, the sales targets of both items will be kept confidential. It was made apparent though that the Heattech series remain the key for the company and that the number manufactured has been increased compared to the previous year.

In addition, the AIRism series, which was only available throughout the summer, will be available all year.