On Sept 28, a showroom for Mie Prefecture “Mie Terrace” opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Mie Terrace consists of a store, a restaurant and an event space. It boasts the interior featuring façade and furniture made with Owase hinoki (wood), wooden lattice ceiling imaged after Isejingu shrine, lights decorated with Ise Katagami (paper pattern), and Banko yaki (from Yokkaichi-city) and Iga yaki tiles.

At the store, Mie’s famous products such as Akafuku-mochi whose long-standing main store is located near Isejingu, Matsusaka beef, dried fish along with over 50 kinds of local sake and beer including Kumano Kodo Beer and Igaryu Ninja Beer are available. Also, a shop-in shop for Ise Udon (noodle), which has a 400-year history, is open.

The showroom lines up practical, yet fashionable items: Banko ware, which is moisture retaining and refractory, BLISSIO, a ceramic pot by Ginpo Toki to enjoy cooking without water and teapots/mugs by 4th market, one of Banko brands.

At the restaurant, Italian cooking using the local seasonal products is introduced under the concept, “Mitsukuriya.” Mitsukuriya is a kitchen to prepare offerings to the deity in Isejingu. The menu is supervised by Shinichi Sato, who studied at Antica Osteria Del Ponte in Italy and is the chef of il desiderio in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. At the event space, talk events and exhibits to learn about Mie’s culture and tradition are planned.