On Sept 15, Hermes opened a new store in Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae of Aichi, Japan. The store is the largest store in western Japan and was opened as part of the department store’s renewal, which began in Aug 2011.

The store consists of 2 floors and has a floor space of 692.75 square meters. It is the second largest store in Japan, after the one in Ginza, Tokyo. It stands on the corner of the department store’s façade and has two entrances. One within Mitsukoshi and the other facing Otsu-dori.

The first floor lines-up men’s items, which include pret-a-porter, shoes, hats, belts, jewelry, watches and fragrances. Women’s items, horse tacks, leather goods and furniture are lined-up on the second floor. This is the fifth store in Japan to line-up the home collection.

The store also lines-up limited blousons and watches for men. In addition, scarves are being pre-sold.

The interior design was handled by French design office RENA DUMAS ARCHITECTURE INTERIEURE.