An installation titled “Best of 10 years of FLorian jewelry” is open at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA (DSMG) until Oct 10.

The neck of the elephant statue by the 1st floor store entrance is adorned with a huge necklace designed by FLorian. Surrounding the statue, and extending to the “golden room,” an installation for the brand is set-up. Archive jewelry from the past ten years, a limited anniversary collection and the latest items are displayed on interior items designed by DSMG for the event.

“This is the first time for us to line-up archives along with new collections. We worked on the idea for the installation with the DSMG team. I first met Ms. Kawakubo at a showroom in London, this was a long time ago. I saw that she had the sense to select things in her own style,” says designer Florian Ladstaetter, who visited Japan for the event.

The jewelry designed by Mr. Ladstaetter combines metals, natural stones, plastics and others to create a unique mix. Many of the designs are unisex, and some of the male customers like to wear the jewelry with suits.

“I’m inspired by all the things that happen around me. I am influenced by the interior designer Jose Hoffman and other types of art and design. I also like to read Japanese manga. The expressions on the faces of people and animals depicted are so interesting. I really like the purikura stickers which allow people to take photos of their faces in the frames of different characters. It makes me think about what identity means,” he added.