“COMME des GARCONS” presented its 2014 SS collection at the Paris Fashion Week. Designer Rei Kawakubo sought new creativity under pursuit of “Clothes That Are Not Clothes”.

A curved, hill-like runway made of wood set the stage for 23 styles shown one by one. Accompanying music by 20 Hertz and Hell’s Kitchen switched drastically for each look.

The first model wore a leather corset-like frame under an article made of firm material resembling organza, trimmed with velvet and fitted together to create a dress with flat faces.

Other avant-garde styles followed, such as a fake leather disk-like skirt hung by chains from the shoulders, and a pink flower-patterned unwoven fabric dress with a teddy bear attached to the front. Another dress was made entirely from large oval components, while a heavily frilled rococo doll-like frock was worn locked under a pannier. Unwoven fabrics and fake leather were folded into pleats and worn as garments. Each look varied greatly from the last.

Footwear consisted of leather boots and clear vinyl lace-up with covers made of ring-shaped components fixed with rubber straps or with animals and flowers painted on them.

The end of the show was followed by a long applause awaiting the figure of Rei Kawakubo, but she did not make an appearance.