Lifestyle cosmetics brand “L’Occitane” opened their biggest flagship store yet in Shinjuku on October 11th. Located in the Seiseido Building of 3-17-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, the store stands next to the Kinokuniya Bookstore Shinjuku Main Store.

The five-storied shop covers more than 800 square meters of floor area and is five times the size of the Aoyama Honten which opened this June. The store concept of “Voyage En Provence” can be seen in the Provence-themed items arranged inside the store. Motifs of ladybugs and cicadas said to bear good luck adorn the interior, and projection mapping brings birds and rabbits to the wall.

The center of attention here is the brand’s first “My Shea”. This service allows customers to personalize the standard favorite “Shea Butter”, offering a choice of 12 messages and colors to personalize the package. Names and dates can also be added to create a tub of your very own shea butter. Sold at three for 3,465 yen or in a set of 12 colors for 12,600 yen. “Happy Charm” ribbons in the shape of birds (a Provence symbol of good luck), squirrels and rabbits are available for 157 yen, and another item exclusive to the flagship store is the Provence tile-patterned gift box (size S 525 yen, size M 630 yen) with a “Happy Charm” to each.

The L’Occitane cafe on the 2nd and 3rd floors offers a taste of the hit menu that sells 50 thousand annually, the “Creme Brulee Quintet” (1,500 yen). Exclusive flavors “ginger”, “green tea” and “lavender” can be enjoyed in addition to standards “nature” and “chocolat”.

The origins of the brand can be viewed on the 4th floor gallery “Musee L’Occitane”, where replicas and vintage bottles tell the history of L’Occitane. The gallery is currently showcasing photographs of model Moe Oshikiri in Provence and also oil paintings inspired by the trip that were painted by the model.

On November 1st the world’s first “L’Occitane Homme” is scheduled to open on the 5th floor. At present, the male ratio of customers is 10 percent on premises and 5 percent on EC sites, but L’Occitane hopes to create a more accessible ambience for men through the cafe and ultimately expand the male customer segment.