On October 14th “Somarta” presented its 2014 SS collection designed by Tamae Hirokawa. The theme fuses “Meta (over)” and “phore (to carry)” creating “Meta-phor”, expressing the will to “pass on a traditional context to the next generation.”

The usage of triacetate chiffon in many garments has made for a feminine and dressy collection laden with drapes, yet possessing kimono elements such as layered fabric on crossover dresses and hemlines of jackets and skirts, and belts with attachments of traditional Sanada cord obi-jime. The japonism was mixed with futuristic accents of geometric patterned fabrics, hairstyles with sides smoothed back by multiple metallic hair accessories and metalline necklaces of gold and silver.

Hirokawa commented, “When I asked myself what was necessary to the future of Japan’s creative design, the conclusion was that we must take our long-cultivated traditions and connect them to the next generation. The current situation where classics are abandoned as classics is evidence that Japanese designers have failed to integrate kimono culture into modern design. I wasn’t an exception. Japanese culture is delicate yet functional and is popular internationally as being ‘futuristic and cool’. I want to propose a dress style that is neither western nor Japanese, a modern style with roots in traditional Japanese attire.”