Fashion brand “45R” is holding a pop-up event under the title of “Nuno Sancai” at Isetan Shinjuku The Stage (1F). From October 16th to 22nd.

“Nuno (cloth) Sancai” refers to the three basic colors of Japanese textiles- “ecru” “madder” “indigo”- and is an allusion to the tri-colored sancai ceramics of the Tang Dynasty which were produced in colors of green, amber and indigo. As the Silk Road took the ceramics and their artistry east and west, this event hopes to transmit traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the world through “Nuno Sancai” tailored clothes.

The newly developed material consists of high quality suvin cotton combined with Shetland wool, spun on a wool spinning machine to create a light yarn, then woven up at the mecca of Japanese tweed, Hanamaki of Iwate. The textures of raw wool and cotton are kept alive in the simple “ecru”, whereas the vibrant red hues of “madder” are colored using rouge and the many shades of “indigo” ranging from pale yellow to perse. These three, once the foundation of color in Japanese daily life, have been used to tailor knitted tops and jackets to create a new style that 45R proposes.

In addition to the knitted tops, coats, dresses and jackets from the “Nuno Sancai” series, the booth also features “Kyoto natural indigo dyed” horse leather items developed over a period of ten years by Kyoto dye craftsmen.